Needs Must.

September 30 1926.

I have managed to get a job in a very swanky perfume shop. I start next week. The pay is a pittance, but it will let me keep up appearances and, more importantly, it will let me meet wealthy men buying perfume for their mistresses. Mistresses can be replaced!

I have found a pub by the docks that seamen and sailors frequent and have managed to make a tidy sum of money doing some very untidy things. The good thing about sailors is that they know what’s what. They are quite business-like when it comes to negotiations. I will invest the money in some spiffing clothes that will enable me to attract a better class of men.

I’m not sure how I feel about London, people are ready enough for a chat and a laugh, but they are so quick to shut it off.  Always guarded, there is a hardness in their eyes. You feel that they have seen everything and are not very easy to fool. One thing is for certain, the clothes here are a whole world apart for what passes for fashion in Bristol.

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