Last night I just caught the bus to Leicester Square and wondered around watching people bustling about. Some would be huddled together in tight little clumps chatting about secrets while others would range out in large unruly gangs shouting back to their friends straggling behind or marching ahead. Everyone seemed to know where they were going and who they were and who they knew and how they belonged. And the ones that didn’t, the solo ones, like me, just looked shifty and shy and no fun at all. Perhaps that’s how I looked as well.

I came across a beautifully dressed young man hurling red faced
obscenities at a couple of rough lads outside the Dog and Duck. They
were laughing at him, for he was quite the dandy. He didn’t appear to see
the signs that their laughter could at any moment turn to violence. Suddenly he turn on me and said ‘And what are you staring at?’
I shot back ‘Cat can look at the queen.’ The two lads wandered off drunkenly
as his lordship sucked in his cheeks and got ready to give me a good
earful. He called me all kinds of dreadful names and I found him very
funny. It occurred to me he would very likely know somewhere fun to get a
drink. So I put up my hands and apologized profusely and offered to buy
him a drink if he could suggest a good place to go. Boy, he didn’t skip
a beat! He hooked his arm into mine like we’d been friends all our lives
and marched me off to a place called Rectors in Tottenham Court Road.

It was the very best night of my life. We danced and drank and we made each other laugh so much I thought we were going to stop breathing. He seemed to know all kinds of people. Every one calls him ‘Dinky’. He says it’s because he has such a tiny penis. He says madcap things like that all the time. And he makes fun of people and how they are dressed and how they behave. He is quite cruel, but it is so funny you don’t mind.
Some of the people he knows are quite outrageous. A very posh middle aged lady asked me if I danced for gentlemen for money. I said, ‘Goodness no!’ and she said ‘Well you should, a pretty girl like you could make a lot of money.’

I didn’t get home till 3AM. I crept in so that no one would hear me. Dinky says we should get very dressed up and try and talk our way into the Kit Kat Club next Friday night. I can’t wait.

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