Rudolph Valentino

December 17 1926

Poor old Valentino may be gone, but his films live on. Last night they were playing Blood and Sand so I dragged Dinky along and we both shed a tear or two in the dark for Rudi. He was so beautiful. How could he die? It is so very peculiar to be watching him on the screen as if he were still alive.
When we came out there was a man pulling out the poster for Blood and Sand and putting up a new one it’s place. I told Dinky to distract him while I made off with the poster. I sidled into position and I thought Dinky would start up a conversation with him. But instead he started singing ‘Hello my Honey’ at the top of his voice and doing a little dance right there in the foyer. Everyone stopped and stared at him including the poster man. I grabbed the Valentino poster and slipped out the door waiting for Dinky in the street outside. He finished his song and dance in the big brass doorway and lifted his hat and bowed as the people inside laughed and clapped. Then we ran up the street and round the corner. I expected to hear a shout and for the poster man to come running after us. But he probably didn’t even care about the silly old poster. But I have taped it up on my wall and it looks marvelous. I want to cover every square inch of my walls with posters. I hope Dinky knows enough songs.

But the best thing is that Dinky asked me if I was going home for Christmas. I said I wouldn’t be because things at home were not too good. He seemed to know just what I meant. He and his father don’t get on at all. Well obviously because Dinky is so very effeminate his father does not approve. His mother is alright, he says, but she always asks him when he’s going to get a girlfriend. So he’s had the mad idea of me going for Christmas lunch with him and pretending to be his girlfriend. He was afraid to ask, but I jumped at the idea. I only needed to know one thing. Does his mother make a decent Christmas pud? He said it is the best I’ll ever taste. I said “I’m in.”

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